Exclusive Interview: Stephen Lang Talks Don’t Breathe


From director Fede Alvarez, who brought us the horrifying 2013 remake of Evil Dead, comes Don’t Breathe – and it’s equally as thrilling.

The story centers on three friends (Dylan Minnette, Jane Levy and Daniel Zovatto) living in the suburbs of Detroit who are desperate to get out of their dreary existence. Their solution? Break into enough rich people’s houses to gather up as much cash as they can. It’s not long before they hear about a job that could potentially be their biggest score and their ticket out of town: A rundown, out-of-the-way house whose occupant supposedly has loads of cash stashed inside.

As the trio make plans for the burglary, they believe it’ll be a piece of cake, especially after they discover the man (Stephen Lang) living in the house is blind. What they don’t know, however, is how cunning, resourceful – and ultimately twisted – the guy is and how he has no intention of letting these hooligans steal his money.

At the recent press day for Don’t Breathe, we sat down for an exclusive chat with Lang, who talked about the challenges of the role, how he worked with the other actors and more. Hear what he had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Don’t Breathe when it hits theatres this Friday!

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