Exclusive Interviews: Zachary Quinto And Melissa Leo Talk Snowden


With his latest film, the aptly titled Snowden, director Oliver Stone has set his sights on telling the compelling story of the NSA whistleblower who leaked thousands of classified documents to the press, exposing how the U.S. intelligence community can basically spy on anyone they choose to.

Played wonderfully by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, we watch as Snowden becomes one of the NSA’s top analysts, which leads to his moral and ethical lines being blurred, as he witnesses what really goes on behind the scenes at one of the world’s most powerful organizations.

At the recent press day for Snowden in Los Angeles, we sat down with Zachary Quinto and Melissa Leo, who play Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald and documentary filmmaker Laura Poitras, whose Oscar-winning film Citizenfour documented Snowden’s interactions with the press as the information was being leaked.

During our exclusive interview, they spoke about how they reacted when they first found out what Snowden did, the importance of this story and much more. Hear what they had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Snowden when it hits theatres on September 16th!

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