Jerry Bruckheimer Offers Brief Updates On Bad Boys 3 And Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Jerry Bruckheimer usually has a million and one projects in the works at any given moment. The super producer seems to have his hand in every major Hollywood franchise and getting around to each one of them obviously requires a bit of time. Bad Boys 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales are two films that Bruckheimer currently seems to be working hard on to get off the ground. And while neither have an official start date just yet, it does sound like the producer is making a bit of progress on both.

In a recent interview with Bruckheimer during the Deliver Us From Evil press junket, our very own Jami Philbrick asked him when we could expect to hear more on both Pirates and Bad Boys. While he didn’t give us the answer that we were hoping for, he did offer a very brief update. In regards to Pirates, he basically re-iterated what he had said earlier in the week, which is that the film will get underway early next year. As for Bad Boys, Bruckheimer noted that “it’s a little further away,” but said that he’s hoping to have the script soon.

Check out his exact quote below:

We are hoping to start Pirates after the first of the year. We are getting closer and closer. We are close on the screenplay. We’re close with Disney, and with Johnny (Depp) who is enthused, so hopefully we’ll get it done. Bad Boys 3 is little further away. We’re just finishing an outline, and hopefully we’ll get a script in the next three or four months.

While it’s nice to hear that the hope is to start Pirates early next year, I wouldn’t hold my breath just yet. After The Lone Ranger (which Bruckheimer produced and Depp starred in) flopped spectacularly, Disney is a bit hesitant to give Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales a green light, and understandably so. The films in the Pirates franchise have been steadily getting worse with each passing instalment. Don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely still an audience for them, but they certainly aren’t held in as high regard as they once were.

Bad Boys 3, however, is a different story. Fans have been asking for another instalment ever since Bad Boys II hit theatres back in 2003. Honestly, it’s a bit surprising that it’s taken so long to get a third film made in this series, given that the first two outings were fairly successful. It does sound like things are still in motion though, and hopefully it won’t be long before cameras start to roll.

Tell us, are you still looking forward to Bad Boys 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales? If so, which one do you hope to see first? Sound off below!