Exclusive: Todd McFarlane offers status update on ‘Spawn’


Talk of a Spawn reboot has been percolating for well over a decade, but it looked as though the project was finally coming to fruition back in 2017 when Todd McFarlane announced that not only was the script complete, but he was planning to make it his feature-length directorial debut.

It would be an understatement to say that progress has been slow since then, with the updated version of the 1997 cult favorite struggling to gain any notable traction. Jamie Foxx remains attached to the title role with Jeremy Renner set to lend support, though, while producer Jason Blum maintains that Spawn is a top priority.

In a recent interview with We Got This Covered, we asked McFarlane for a status update on Spawn, with the trail having gone cold since it was announced earlier this year that Broken City‘s Brian Tucker had been tasked with taking a crack at the original screenplay.

“Yeah, we’ve got… Everybody is all hands on deck right now. We’ve added a couple new people to it. And so if we all do our job, there’s… You know, I mean it has to happen now, in the first half of next year. There’s got to be the announcement. The announcement isn’t, “We’ve added another talent;” whatever else, we’ve done a couple of those. I don’t think that’s gonna move the needle. It has to be that we found our studio, we’ve got our funding, and we have a production date to begin filming. That has to be the next big announcement. And so everybody, I just had two calls last week, and everybody’s pushing in that direction. So we’ll see. But Hollywood moves at its own pace, much different than toys and comic books.”

McFarlane has plenty to keep himself busy outside of Spawn, but fans are starting to grow impatient for the movie to forge ahead and get in front of cameras. Let’s hope that those concrete updates are coming soon, because Blumhouse’s proven track record and the presence of a popular superhero taking center stage is surely enough to draw in an audience.