Exclusive Video Interview With Adrianne Palicki On John Wick


As if screening John Wick at this year’s Fantastic Feast and interviewing Keanu Reeves (faints) wasn’t enough, actress Adrianne Palicki was also present to do some interviews in support of the badass action film. While many of you know her as Tyra Collette from the Friday Night Lights television series, comic book aficionados may now know her as Mockingbird from Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D, marking her introduction into the Marvel cinematic universe. While I’m sure that fruitful path will open many, many doors, her participation in John Wick is like a nice warm-up for the action sequences that are going to follow while she wears the Mockingbird costume.

Starring opposite Keanue Reeves, Palicki is a sarcastic rivaling agent who knows how to kick some serious ass – and look good doing so. I sat down with the actress to talk about the rigorous physical training it takes to participate in an action move like John Wick, along with a slew of other topics. Opening up about her comic book obsession, Palicki talked to me about what joining the Marvel universe means to her, as well as which superheros she dreamed of playing as a kid. She also talked about filming with such a veteran cast, featuring the likes of Reeves, McShane, and Dafoe, surrounding herself with proven talent.

Check it out in the video above, and be sure to catch John Wick in theaters!