Exclusive Video Interview With Brendan Gleeson And Kelly Reilly On Calvary


While most people are likely familiar with Martin McDonagh, the British director behind brilliant dark comedies like In Bruges and Seven Psychopaths, his brother John Michael, is perhaps less well known. He made his directorial debut in 2011 with The Guard, an excellent comedy/thriller starring Don Cheadle and Brendan Gleeson. Now, he’s gearing up to release his second effort, Calvary, which once again sees him teaming up with the Irish actor.

In the film, Gleeson plays Father James, a good-natured priest who is one day threatened during confession and finds his eyes opening to forces of darkness all around him. It’s an intriguing premise that proves to be ripe for McDonagh’s distinctive touch. With strong performances from the entire cast and a compelling story, Calvary is a nice break from the typical summer fare that’s been hitting theatres and it should definitely be on your watch list.

Last week in NYC, I had the chance to sit down for an exclusive interview with Gleeson and co-star Kelly Reilly. Together, they spoke about their reactions to how the film is being received so far, how helpful it was having McDonagh write as well as direct, how working on this project shaped their feelings on religion, and much more.

Check it out below and be sure to catch Calvary as it’s now in limited release.

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