Exclusive Video Interview With The Cast And Composer Of Inside Llewyn Davis


While it may not be their most well-received piece of work, the latest film from Joel and Ethan Coen, Inside Llewyn Davis, still has a lot of people talking. It follows the titular musician, played to perfection by Oscar Isaac, as he tries to achieve fame and fortune in the Greenwich Village music scene circa 1961.

While many critics can’t stop praising Isaac for what is no doubt an awards worthy performance, there’s a lot more to like about Inside Llewyn Davis than just its leading man. Whether it’s the excellent music, the witty humor or wonderful storytelling, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy here and as awards season begins to heat up, Inside Llewyn Davis will no doubt start to receive some attention.

Recently, at the film’s LA press day, we had the chance to sit down with Isaac, his co-stars John Goodman and F. Murrary Abraham, and composer T-Bone Burnett to discuss all things Inside Llewyn Davis. While Isaac mostly talked about the casting process and how he got the part, Goodman and Abraham spoke more about developing their characters what it was like working on a Coen brothers film. As for longtime Coens’ collaborator T-Bone Burnett, he discussed what he thinks is the message of the film.

Check it all out above and be sure to catch Inside Llewyn Davis as it’s now playing in theatres!