Exclusive Video Interview With Clark Gregg On Trust Me


Clark Gregg is most well known for his role as S.H.I.E.L.D. Executive Director Phil Coulson from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but with his latest film, Trust Me, he reminds us that he can be a real triple threat. Not only does he star in the movie as Howard Holloway, a Hollywood agent for child actors, but he also wrote and directed it just like he did with Choke.

As Trust Me begins, Howard is in a desperate state. His clients keep leaving him to go to rival agent Aldo Shocklee (Sam Rockwell) and he can’t seem to shake his loser status in life. But then he comes across a talented young actress named Lydia (Saxon Sharbino), who is being considered for a pivotal role in a franchise which is destined to be super successful. After Howard comes to represent her though, he makes some shocking discoveries about how she is being treated and begins to wonder if he should continue pushing her towards a successful Hollywood career, or if he should protect her from the dark side of show business.

The press day for Trust Me was held at the STK Restaurant in Los Angeles, California last week and we were lucky enough to land an exclusive interview with Gregg. We spoke with him about how he assembled such a wonderful ensemble, the challenges of directing himself, who he based his character off of and much more.

Check it out below and be sure to catch Trust Me when it opens in theatres this Friday!