Exclusive Video Interview: Elijah Wood And Alison Pill Talk Cooties


Horror is always a hard genre to do something refreshing and unique in, so when a film like Cooties comes along, there’s definitely a reason to be excited. For those unfamiliar with it, the plot focuses on an elementary school where a virus has broken out, turning the children into “a feral swarm of mass savages.”

Having already earned great reviews on the festival circuit, Cooties is now starting to please those who are just starting to see it, with our very own Matt Donato offering up the following in his review:

Cooties is an infectious zombie treat, making up for all the horror movies that refused to give kids what they had coming.

The other week, we had the chance to attend the LA press day for the film, where we caught up with Alison Pill and Elijah Wood, who were more than happy to speak with us about their new project. Together, the stars discussed the message of the film, Wood’s role as a producer and much more.

Check out what they had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Cooties when it hits theatres this Friday! Also, please excuse the temporary visual glitch that occurs around the 2 minute mark. The original tape was damaged and unfortunately there was nothing we could do to recover it.