Exclusive Video Interview With Elijah Wood And Eugenio Mira On Grand Piano


Grand Piano is an intense and mysterious thriller that stars Elijah Wood as Tom Selznick, a world class pianist who is about to play his first live concert in several years. While on his way to a Chicago performing arts center, we learn that Tom had developed stage fright and ended up suffering a nervous breakdown during his last concert, which nearly ended his promising career.

Now, he’s looking to make a comeback and he has his loving wife, Emma (played by Kerry Bishé) by his side to keep his spirits up. However, after the concert begins, Tom finds a message on his score that reads, “Play one wrong note and you die.” It doesn’t take long for Tom to discover that a sniper, somewhere in the audience, has him in his sights. And it is here, that the real fun begins.

Wood and director Eugenio Mira recently attend the film’s press day at the W Hotel in Hollywood, California. While there, they sat down with us for an exclusive video interview to discuss the making of the film. Wood spoke about how he managed to master some of the more difficult piano pieces, while Mira explained the importance of keeping the tension levels high throughout the entire 90 minutes.

Check it out below and be sure to catch Grand Piano when it hits theatres this Friday!