Exclusive Video Interview: Ellen Page, Evan Rachel Wood And Max Minghella Talk Into The Forest


There have been many apocalyptic movies over the past few years, but it’s unlikely you’ll find one as intimate as Into The Forest. Set in the near future, the movie stars Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood as sisters who live with their dad (played by Callum Keith Rennie) in an isolated house out in the Pacific Northwest.

One night the power goes out, and what seems like a temporary situation turns into a never ending one, as rumors spread about the power crisis without any concrete answers being given. The three try to go about their normal lives, but when tragedy strikes, the two sisters are forced to fend for themselves as circumstances turn increasingly bleak.

At the recent press day for the film in LA, I got to speak with Page and Wood as well as their co-star, Max Minghella, who plays Page’s boyfriend in the movie. Both actresses give emotionally raw performances, and they discussed how they were able to get to that vulnerable state on screen – which is never easy. Minghella, meanwhile, had the privilege of playing a boyfriend has some depth and complexity to him, and he spoke a bit about his approach to the role.

Hear what the actors had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Into The Forest as it’s now in theatres.