Exclusive Video Interview With Ethan Hawke On Predestination


2014 was a big year for Ethan Hawke, and as we head further into 2015, he’s still riding high on a wave of critical acclaim for his film Boyhood. The actor doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, either, as this year will see him star in a number of exciting flicks, the first of which is Predestination.

The sci-fi thrill ride reunites Hawke with Michael and Peter Spierig, the twin brothers who directed him in Daybreakers, and sees him playing a Temporal agent who travels back in time to stop future serial killers from committing crimes. His final assignment has him pursuing a criminal who has eluded him for far too long and is now planning an attack that will leave thousands of people dead. As the agent closes in on his target though, he uncovers a shocking secret that he could have never seen coming.

A couple of weeks ago at the Predestination press day, I landed an exclusive interview with Hawke, who was a pleasure to speak with. He talked at length about the battle between free will and destiny, which is what this movie deals with, what he ended up bringing to the film that was not in the screenplay, and he describes how he still keeps from getting typecast after all these years.

Check it out in the video above and be sure to catch Predestination when it hits theatres this Friday!

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