Exclusive Video Interview: Henry Thomas And Elizabeth Reaser Talk Ouija: Origin Of Evil


As a prequel to the 2014 horror flick Ouija, we find out exactly how the evil was released by the dreaded spirit board in Mike Flanagan’s Ouija: Origin of Evil, which is getting ready to make its bow in theatres. Though the original wasn’t very well received, this second outing for the franchise is a significant step up and a bloody good horror film.

Set in 1967 Los Angeles, a widowed mother (Elizabeth Reaser) and her two daughters run a séance scam business to try and help people find closure with those they’ve lost. When the mother decides to incorporate a Ouija board, a new fad, into the process, she unwittingly unleashes real evil into her home. One particularly malevolent spirit inhabits the youngest daughter and soon the family is fighting to save their lives and send the poltergeist back to the other side.

Our very own Matt Donato reviewed the film earlier today, giving it a positive verdict and summing up his thoughts as such:

Ouija: Origin Of Evil would have been better than Ouija with even a quarter of the screams evoked, which makes the tremendous jump in quality quite refreshing.

At the recent press day for Origin of Evil, we caught up with Reaser and Henry Thomas, who plays Father Tom, for an exclusive interview. They spoke about their own experiences with Ouija boards, if they’ve ever been to see a psychic before, how they used to scare their siblings when they were young and more.

Hear what they had to say in the video above and be sure to check out Ouija: Origin of Evil when it hits theatres this Friday!