Exclusive Video Interview: Jake Gyllenhaal Talks Demolition


From Prisoners to Nightcrawler to the icy hills of Baltasar Kormákur’s gruelling survival pic Everest, Jake Gyllenhaal’s resume has been littered with eye-catching performances in recent years, and the actor will soon add another feather to his cap with the release of Jean-Marc Vallee’s (Dallas Buyers Club) character drama, Demolition.

Playing the part of Davis Mitchell, Gyllenhaal’s protagonist is a wonderful fusion of bemusement and frank honesty, even in the face of a personal crisis. Seeking an outlet for his grief – even if he isn’t aware of it – Davis makes a mountain out of a mole hill when he decides to pen complaints to a vending machine company over a broken machine, catching the attention of Naomi Watts’ customer service rep, Karen.

In anticipation of the film’s arrival at the beginning of next month, We Got This Covered caught up with Gyllenhaal to discuss his role in the awards-friendly drama, the preparation required and working with Jean-Marc Vallée.

Having wowed audiences at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Demolition will find Jake Gyllenhall’s life crumbling down around him when the character-driven piece opens on April 8.