Exclusive Video Interview With J.C. Chandor On A Most Violent Year


A Most Violent Year marks J.C. Chandor’s third film as a director, and though it hasn’t been officially released yet, it’s already starting to accumulate just as much acclaim and awards buzz as his previous two efforts did.

Starring Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year follows Abel Morales (Isaac) as he tries to expand his business during the most violent year in New York’s history. His wife, Anna (Chastain), proves to be a Lady Macbeth-like character who helps make her husband’s business dreams become a reality, at any cost. But, as they try to close on an important deal, the couple find themselves forced to deal with the rampant violence, decay and corruption, which threaten to engulf their home city.

While talking with Chandor at the recent press day for the film, which was held in Los Angeles, he explained why the movie’s title is in no way ironic, what Isaac and Chastain brought to the project, what it was like making a movie that had so much dialogue, how much he wanted the film’s style to reflect the period of the 1980s and much more.

Check out our exclusive interview above and be sure to catch A Most Violent Year when it bursts into theatres in limited release on December 25th, 2014.