Exclusive Video Interview: Jeremy Sisto And Alexandre Aja Talk The Other Side Of The Door


There have been many movies which deal with bringing the dead back to life, but The Other Side Of The Door manages to add a mystical element to the subject.

The film follows an American family who live a wonderful life in Mumbai, India until their youngest son is killed in a tragic accident. While Michael (Jeremy Sisto) and their daughter Lucy (Sofia Rosinsky) have moved on, Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies) is still in a deep state of grief she cannot hide from anyone.

This leads her housekeeper, Piki (Suchitra Pillai-Malik), to inform Maria of an ancient ritual that will allow her to say one last goodbye to her son, and it involves going to an ancient temple where a door serves as a portal between the living and the dead. When Maria disobeys Piki’s warning about never ever opening the door, however, the balance between life and death is thrown off and her life and the lives of her family are put in grave danger.

The press day for The Other Side Of The Door was recently held in Century City, California, and among those in attendance were Sisto and producer Alexandre Aja. We landed an exclusive interview with the two and they spoke about how Sisto went about preparing for his role and why Aja thinks this film differs from others in the genre.

Hear what they had to say in the video above and be sure to check out The Other Side Of The Door when it opens in theaters on March 4th.