Exclusive Video Interview With Justin Long And Tyler Labine On Best Man Down


When we think about wedding comedies, death is rarely part of the equation – especially among younger characters. Maybe if an old-timer croaks for some insane reason, then MAYBE we can find a little humor in a more timely death, but usually our wedding party is typically safe.

That’s far from the case in Ted Koland’s dramedy Best Man Down, telling the story of Scott (Justin Long) and Kristin (Jess Weixler), two newlyweds who must delay their honeymoon after Scott’s best man Lumpy (Tyler Labine) drops dead at their wedding. Trust me, it’s not as morbid as it sounds, and that’s largely due to Koland’s balance of laughs and sincerity.

I ended up liking the film quite a bit, as both Justin Long and Tyler Labine made such a sad situation very revealing and inspiring, but there were a few questions raised throughout Scott’s journey. Fortunately, I had the chance to sit down with both Justin and Tyler while they were in New York City promoting Best Man Down, and I got to ask those burning questions that were left inside me.

We discussed how Tyler acted out his drunken state, the emotional ride Justin’s character goes on and a couple more serious matters, but Tyler and Justin continually jested the entire interview, leaving me trying my best to laugh silently and not corrupt the audio.

I mean, not many people can make an Eli Whitney joke and get away with it – enjoy the interview and see for yourself!

Oh yeah, I also managed to sneak in some questions about Kevin Smith’s Tusk and the status of the repeatedly mentioned Tucker And Dale Vs. Evil sequel. There’s an added bonus for you horror fans!

Be sure to catch Best Man Down in theaters November 8th – or right now through any Video On Demand service!