Exclusive Video Interview: Max Greenfield Talks Hello, My Name Is Doris


The lovely Sally Field is back on the big screen this month with Hello, My Name Is Doris, an enjoyable romantic comedy that our very own Matt Donato fell in love with, calling it “a delightful slice of quirky romanticism” in his review.

Field stars in the film as the titular Doris Miller, a sixty-something year old woman who’s dealing with the recent loss of her mother/roommate. Left alone in a cluttered Staten Island home, Doris ferries each morning to her monotonous data entry job, stuck in the same cycle until the arrival of a new graphic designer, John Freemont (Max Greenfield), sparks romantic interest in the over-the-hill bachelorette.

Doris doesn’t believe the two could ever share a life together, but after discovering Facebook, she begins to embrace John’s interests in an attempt to create mutual bonds. Her plan works, as the two grow closer, but is the world ready for their cradle-robbing relationship? John’s girlfriend, Brooklyn (Beth Behrs), might have something to say about that…

Last week at the LA press day for Hello, My Name Is Doris, we had the chance to catch up with Max Greenfield for an exclusive interview. During our discussion, he spoke about why he liked the film so much, what it was like working with Sally Field and even gave us a brief tease about what to expect from his character’s wedding on New Girl.

Check out what she had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Hello, My Name Is Doris when it hits theatres this Friday!