Exclusive Video Interview: Michael Douglas And Jeremy Irvine Talk Beyond The Reach


A dangerous game is played in a very hostile environment in Beyond the Reach, the latest film from director Jean-Baptiste Léonetti. The story opens up on Ben (Jeremy Irvine), a young tracker in the southwest who gets an offer he can’t refuse from a rich and powerful businessman named Madec (Michael Douglas).

Madec hires Ben to take him to a vast and barren part of the Mojave Desert where he hopes to add to his hunting collection. But in his hastiness to get a kill, Madec accidentally shoots a man and is forced to cover up his crime. Ben, however, doesn’t want to play along. Not willing to go down for murder, Madec turns the gun on Ben and forces him to walk across the desert with nothing on other than his underwear. With the hot sun bearing down on him, Ben has to use his knowledge of the environment if he hopes to survive both the harsh climate and Madec’s watchful eye.

Last week during the film’s press day in Los Angeles, I had the privilege of sitting down with both actors to discuss the intense, taut thriller. Douglas spoke with me about comparisons between Madec and Gordon Gekkko, while Irvine discussed his preparation for the role.

Hear what they had to say in the video above and be sure to catch Beyond the Reach as it’s now in theatres!

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