Exclusive Video Interview With Robert Duvall And Emilio Aragon On A Night In Old Mexico


Among living actors, there are few more talented and more iconic than Robert Duvall. With a resume of memorable performances far too long to list, whenever the Oscar-winner stars in a film, it’s definitely worth your attention. For his latest project, Duvall has teamed up with Spanish director Emilio Aragon to take on A Night In Old Mexico.

Bill Wittliff’s script tells the story of a cantankerous old rancher who, after losing his land, runs off to Mexico with his grandson for one last night of drinking, dancing and women. The plans for a fun night are altered slightly though when, after having a sack of money fall into their possession, they end up with a string of dangerous criminals on their tail in pursuit of the loot.

A Night In Old Mexico was one of my favorite films that played at South By Southwest this year as it was equal parts thrilling action, tense drama and heartwarming character interactions. The performances throughout are excellent, but as expected, Duvall shines the brightest, making Red Bovie an extremely memorable character. It’s a special film that should continue to build hype as more people see it and if you want to read more, you can certainly check out my review.

While at the festival, I was lucky enough to sit down for an exclusive video interview with Duvall and Aragon. We talked about the long process of getting the script produced, what drew Duvall to the character, how the film’s excellent music came together and much more.

Check out the video below and be sure to look for A Night In Old Mexico when it opens in select cities this May.