Exclusive Video Interview With Daniel Radcliffe And Juno Temple On Horns


Continuing down a path of darker roles, Danielle Radcliffe’s newest feature, Horns is sure to shed another layer of Harry Potter’s image from the young actor’s shell. Tasked with playing a character accused of murdering his girlfriend, Radcliffe wakes up one morning to find devilish horns protruding from his head that causes anyone to reveal their darkest thoughts and secrets. It’s a fun movie that balances sweet notes of romance with sinister societal commentary, as Alexandre Aja adapts Joe Hill’s novel in what could be described as an extremely brutal YA adaptation – young love with a serious bite.

I caught the film at this year’s Fantastic Festival in Austin, and really dug what Horns brought to the table. You can go ahead and check out my full review to hear my detailed musings, but if you’re looking for a quick verdict, here’s my best summation:

Horns sometimes feels like a uncomfortable departure for Alexandre Aja, but Radcliffe’s demonic performance strikes a devilishly indulgent balance between dark comedy and romantic tragedy that saves the day.

In support of his new movie, Daniel Radcliffe sat down with us for an exclusive interview along with his on-screen-girlfriend, Juno Temple. The relationship between their characters is both tragic and beautiful, but luckily the chemistry between these two actors off camera was jovial and entertaining.

Dishing about their concept of Aja’s work and how they built such a relationship for the film, I ended the interview by asking both talents to reveal a funny secret about themselves, as if I were wearing a lighter version of Radcliffe’s horns. While Juno was a little more tame, you’ll never guess what Daniel’s dream job was as a child.

Check out the interview above, and be sure to catch Horns in theaters as it’s now playing everywhere.