Marvel Says Avengers 4 Is About Our Heroes Becoming A True Team


True to his word, Thanos really brought Earth’s Mightiest Heroes to their knees during Infinity War, and it’ll take something truly special if they’re to overthrow the Mad Titan when Avengers 4 arrives in 2019.

In fact, their greatest hope may lie not with a second Infinity Gauntlet or some alternate timeline, but with each other, as the Russo Brothers’ conclusive tentpole will seemingly herald the moment when our heroes become a “true team” in order to undo the Mad Titan’s destruction.

That’s according to MCU Cosmic, who offered some follow-up intel to the Avengers 4 footage shown at CineEurope earlier today. It hasn’t appeared online just yet, mind you – ditto for Captain Marvel‘s own showreel – and isn’t likely to do so until after Ant-Man and the Wasp arrives in theaters.

Hell, if industry sleuth Jeremy Conrad is to be believed, then Avengers 4‘s teasing featurette may be reserved for the Infinity War Blu-ray, which is purportedly on course for a release in August.

Again, this is yet to be confirmed, but it does present some interesting food for thought. Marvel has Ant-Man and the Wasp locked in for July, before an eight-month interlude precedes Captain Marvel, so it’s fair to say that we’ll catch wind of Avengers 4 in some shape or form before the year’s end – if not sooner.

Via Twitter:

Another MCU tidbit that also caught everyone’s eye today is news that Avengers 4 may be releasing in April of 2019. That being said, it’s important to remember that CineEurope is an overseas event, and the date listed for Marvel’s next major team-up movie likely reflects its international premiere. Regardless, we’ll be sure to notify you if and when that situation changes.

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