Expect A New Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales Trailer Very Soon


If Disney knows one thing, it’s how to bombard audiences with advertisements. If you ever see one of their movies in the theater, even at a screening, expect to get a sea of promotional materials before the film starts. If you ever walk into Target, Wal-Mart, Toys R Us or any store of that variety, expect to see Frozen and Marvel toys until your eyes bleed. Yes, Disney isn’t necessarily one for underselling their products in the marketing department, and that’s likely going to be the same for this year’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales when it swims its way into theaters.

While we’ve already seen one eerie trailer for the blockbuster, Disney seems to be gearing up to release another one now. Consumer Protection BC reports that a second Dead Man Tell No Tale preview has officially been rated. It’s 90 seconds long and it’s expected to drop in early February. An exact date hasn’t been revealed, but the Super Bowl seems like a very good bet.

Disney usually incorporates at least one trailer during the biggest football game of the year, and while one would assume that Cars 3 will make it in there as well, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tale is an understandable choice. Set to premiere in May, the marketing for the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean sequel is noticeably kinda shy so far, so it’d definitely help to get that next trailer out there in a big way.

Like they did with The Jungle Book last year, however, it’s possible that the 90-second trailer will be an online only release, with a shortened version of the promo hitting the air. As we all know, air time doesn’t come cheap during the Super Bowl, and even Disney knows when to save money.

Tell us, are you looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man Tell No Tale, or have you had enough of the series? If it’s the latter, we wouldn’t blame you. Either way though, let us know down below.

Source: Screen Rant