The Expendables 3 Adds Wesley Snipes And Will Shoot This Fall

Ok, so The Expendables 2 wasn’t as big a deal as The Expendables, but it still pocketed $300 million worldwide and was, in my eyes at least, a better film than its predecessor. Of course, a third film was always going to happen and while we don’t have a director for it yet, or even a script, we do know that The Expendables 3 is in development.

Speaking to MovieWeb, actor Dolph Lundgren, who appeared in the first two films, said that the film won’t be ready to shoot until the Fall and that they are going after Wesley Snipes in hopes that he’ll join the cast. He also mentions that Jackie Chan and Nicolas Cage are looking to join too, which we already knew.

The Expendables featured a pretty stellar line up and when The Expendables 2 added names like Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chuck Norris, many people thought it couldn’t get much better. If they do manage to snag Cage, Chan and Snipes though, then we’re going to have a pretty wild film on our hands. Plus, I’m sure that Stallone still has some more surprises up his sleeve, I would expect even more casting announcements in the near future.

Cage and Chan, like we mentioned above, have been circling the film for a while and while I don’t think Snipes would be against joining, the man is currently in prison, which poses a bit of a problem (though he will be released in July). He also has a bit of a bad reputation in Hollywood, mostly churning out direct-to-DVD junk for the past little while. He’s certainly not the actor that he once was. That being said, he’s still a strong talent and if he could get his life, and career back together, he could make for a great addition to the already exciting cast.

What do you guys think? Will Wesley Snipes be a good fit for The Expendables 3?