Expendables Spinoff Starring Jason Statham In Development


A spinoff to The Expendables starring Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas is reportedly in the works.

According to a report by The Illuminerdi, the film has been in “active development” for some time, and is not just in the various stages of non-production in which The Expendables 4 seems to have existed for several years. It’s tentatively titled The Expendables: A Christmas Story, because there really is not enough done with the pun potential of the characters’ ridiculous names, and will see Statham take center stage instead of his usual second-in-command position, with Stallone being relegated to more of a minor presence, although one whose influence will still be felt throughout.

Also attached to the project are a returning Arnold Schwarzenegger as rival mercenary leader Trench Mauser and Tony Jaa (Ong-Bak, Furious 7) as a new character, and given the actor’s expertise in Muay Thai, it’ll doubtless involve the kind of martial arts physicality provided by Jet Li in previous films. Presumably, negotiations are in place for the return of the franchise’s litany of illustrious and aging action stars as well, although no information is available if that’s accurate or if so what stage they’re at.

In terms of who’s behind the camera, Duncan Jones (Warcraft, Source Code) was offered the main job late last year, but nothing came of it. Next on the list of potential directors is apparently D.J. Caruso (xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, Eagle Eye, I Am Number Four), who was once rumored to be in the running to helm the original movie before Stallone decided to take on the duties himself. Nothing has been mentioned about any potential plot, but it’ll most certainly feature guns, knives, explosions, fistfights, betrayal, sweat, dirt, manly grunting and enough testosterone to drown an elephant.

It’s debatable how much The Expendables needs to continue, especially after the financially lessened and critically lukewarm reception of the third installment. However, given the deliberately ‘80s throwback nature of its premise, it’s also questionable how much it needed to exist in the first place, and over $800 million at the box office might be all the reason needed to carry it on.