Explore eras past with these historical dramas on Netflix

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There is something oddly peaceful and calming about watching period pieces and historical dramas. The best thing about a historical flick is the fact that it sheds light on what life was once like before reaching this modern day and age. Some of the most unforgettable movies focus on life in the roaring 20s when people were enjoying jazz music and dressed in flapper dresses. Others focus on the 60s and 70s, where people were fighting for equality and protesting against the ongoing Vietnam war. There’s so much to love and respect about a movie that gives us better insight into what generations past were really like. Here are some of the best options streaming on Netflix now.

First They Killed My Father

Angelina Jolie is the brilliant director behind First They Killed My Father. The historical movie focuses on the life of a five-year-old girl growing up in Cambodia during the horrifying regime of Khmer Rouge. When she gets separated from her parents at a young age, she’s forced to train to become a soldier. She goes through a lifetime of suffering and sacrifice before reaching the legal adult age of 18. This movie is beyond gutwrenching as viewers hold out hope for the child’s survival.

The Trial of the Chicago Seven

When a group of anti-Vietnam protesters get falsely accused of rioting in 1968, their entire worlds get turned upside down. That’s the premise of The Trial of Chicago Seven, a historical movie on Netflix directed by Aaron Sorkin. The seven men who have been accused of rioting are labeled the “Chicago Seven” and must go through an intense emotional trial in court to prove their innocence.

The Patriot

The Patriot is a historical movie on Netflix that tells a story of what happens during the American Revolution. A young man enlists in the war against the British even though his pacifist father doesn’t want him to. When he signs up to fight in the war, it does nothing but frustrate his dad. Ultimately, he ends up getting captured by the enemy forcing his father to make the biggest decision of his life… he must figure out how to fight for his son’s life in the midst of a devastating colonial effort.


Historical movies that talk about the feminist movement are usually beyond inspirational — and Suffragette certainly doesn’t fail to meet that criteria. This motivational movie depicts one of the most significant events to ever take place for women in English history. Women began campaigning for the right to vote in the country during the 20th century but were met with a lot of resistance. The fierce female role models included in this film remind us to never give up hope for what we believe in. 


The epic conflict between the kingdoms of Sparta and Troy is vividly depicted in the 2004 movie starring Brad Pitt as Achilles. Along with shedding light on the well-known Ancient Greek narrative written by the poet Homer, this movie is filled with some of the most memorable action sequences and breathtaking cinematography for its time. The movie itself is quite long, but worth every moment. It focuses on true honor, greed, tragedy, passion, and what it means to seek the ultimate revenge.

The King

Timothée Chalamet does an incredible job in any movie role, and The King stands as further proof of that fact. In the title role, he goes from serving as the prince of his land to succeeding his father once he father passes away. He’s suddenly thrust into situations where he must call the shots in terms of politics and wars. The breathtakingly intense combat scenes make this movie so much more interesting to enjoy for history buffs.

The Young Messiah

People tend to be super interested when it comes to learning the details about Jesus Christ and the life he once lived. Many people don’t believe Jesus Christ ever walked the earth in the first place, which makes historical movies like this so much more intriguing. In this movie, the childhood of Jesus Christ and his family’s trip from Egypt to Nazareth are depicted. A lot of details from the Bible are included in this particular historical flick.

Outlaw King

The story of Robert Bruce, aka the Outlaw King, is one of the most interesting stories told in Scottish history. In 14th century Scotland, the Outlaw King is willing to go to extreme measures to reclaim independence for his country from England. Bruce is played by Chris Pine who fits in well when it comes to portraying the role of such a heroic individual. There are so many intriguing action scenes paired with an excellent soundtrack of heart-pounding music.


Mudbound is a movie set in the post-World War II era. It tells the story of two soldiers who are finally coming home after serving time in the war. Being on the battlefield changed them in ways they struggle to explain to their loved ones after they get home. This historical movie covers the depth of how PTSD impacts the mind of those willing to put their lives on the line to protect their country. Racial differences and equality are put on spectacle in this movie as well since viewers witness two families from Mississippi of very different ethnic backgrounds trying to make ends meet in the same industry. Some of the most notable actors in the cast include Jason Mitchell, Jason Clarke, and Carrie Mulligan.


The 54th Massachusetts infantry regiment (which is also known as the first black regiment) is the focal point of the historical movie Glory. The movie stars big names like Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington in the leading roles. The regiment in this movie is the same one that fought for the Union Army during the Civil War! This is a historical movie that tackles some major issues that plenty of people would rather gloss over today: slavery, racism, and the fight for liberation. There are some truly gut-wrenching and beautiful moments to reflect on in this film.