Explore The Impressive VFX Of Deadpool In New Behind The Scenes Featurette


Despite having a budget of only $58 million, the visual effects in Deadpool were still flawless. That can perhaps be explained by the fact that special effects expert Tim Miller was at the helm of the Marvel Comics adaptation, and now a new video shows off just how great a job the team who worked on the movie did.

The featurette focuses on that insane sequence on the highway, revealing how special effects company Atomic Fiction made the whole thing look as good as it ultimately did on the big screen.


The effects are just one of the many reasons Deadpool has succeeded though, and we recently learned that the movie has now passed the $700 million mark at the worldwide box office, becoming the 79th highest grossing movie in history. That’s a figure which means that the Merc with the Mouth has earned more than Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 2. Not bad, eh?

Back to the video above though, it’s a great behind the scenes look at Deadpool and should tide fans over until the eventual Blu-ray/DVD release.