Explore The Mind-Bending Secrets Of Interstellar With Video Essay


Interstellar was many things to many people; a convoluted masterpiece about humanity’s burning desire to explore hamstrung by a story that failed to match. However, there’s no doubting the filmmaking ambition on display in Christopher Nolan’s space-faring adventure, which packs in enough scientific theory to keep you locked on Wikipedia days after the credits roll on your first viewing.

Thankfully, an exhaustive 26-minute video essay produced by Grant Voegtle and SolePorpoise is here to aid you on your quest for answers, but, as one would expect, the footage above delves into spoilers unabated.

Brushing aside theories of worm holes and interstellar travel for a brief moment, the video itself places the underlying themes of the film under the microscope, including those associated with existentialism and our own, humble place amongst the cosmos. Beyond that, Voegtle analyses the religious symbolism throughout the feature, with everything from the overt – mankind’s Lazarus missions – to the more subtle – nods to religious subtext and the holy trinity.

It’s a fascinating dissection of a motion picture that proved to be about as divisive as they come, but anyone with even a passing interest in the symbolism and motifs associated with filmmaking ought to take a look.

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