See The Extended TV Spot And Comic-Con Poster For The Bourne Legacy

The Film Stage has posted a new extended TV Spot and the Comic-Con poster for The Bourne LegacyBoth are tantalizing looks at the mysterious film, and both can be seen below.

Where previous trailers teased that Aaron Cross’s chromosomes were altered, this spot indicates what was actually done: An “increase in muscle efficiency and sensory function” has arguably made Cross as much of a superhero as an expert agent.

In one clip Cross even closes his eyes to blindly gun down armed agents. It appears Cross could be even more lethal than predecessor Jason Bourne. After all, Treadstone has “never seen evaluations like this.”

The spot also continues to embrace the fact that Jason Bourne himself isn’t in this film, instead of shying away from the absence that makes certain fans cautious about this fourth installment.

As for the poster, it is a beautiful piece of minimalist artwork. It’s the kind of thing I would hang on my wall even if it weren’t for a movie from one of my favorite franchises. Brilliant.

The posters released for this movie have been works of art. Even if it’s a critical or commercial flop, The Bourne Legacy has at least succeeded in that realm.

Take a look at the TV Spot and poster below and tell us what you think!

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