New Extra-Long Elysium Trailer Is Filled With Action



Ready for some goosebumps? Well you better find a way to brace yourself, because the new Elysium trailer is as action-packed and as intense as can be.

That’s right, on the heels of the new TV spot for the Neill Blomkamp film, we’ve got a new three-minute trailer showing a whole lot more from the sci-fi event of the year. While the TV spot hardly had any new information for us, this trailer is so packed with action and plot details it’s no wonder that two minutes wasn’t enough.

Matt Damon’s Max just wants to live a normal life, but unfortunately, as we see in this trailer, that isn’t that easy in 2154. The first half of the trailer sets up the film quite nicely, showing his run-ins with law enforcement bots and another robot who doesn’t take kindly to sarcasm.

We get to see Max left in critical condition after a work accident and informed by a robot that he only has 5 days to live. But thanks for your service right? Then, with some help from a bone saw, he’s able to be resurrected as the man with the power to break into the wealthy’s resort in the sky. Once we get past setting up the plot, it’s action on top of action with more explosions and bullets fired than I can even count.

We still don’t get to see a ton of Jodie Foster, other than some stalking around once the heat gets hot, she does have a line where she mercilessly orders the shooting down of three ships headed towards the station. Her villainous tone is chilling, and she is one politician I would not want to mess with.

On the note of antagonists, the trailer features some awesome combat from Sharlto Copley. If you aren’t unbearably excited to see more of the fights between him and Damon, you may want to check and make sure you still have a pulse.

Blomkamp certainly isn’t too concerned with turning off any of the 1% from seeing this movie. As a filmmaker who never hides his political message, it’s expected that his films will be a bit polarizing, but this trailer goes as far to say “we” live on Earth as opposed to the privileged who live on Elysium.

If you’re one of those super hard to please readers and you aren’t content with just getting to watch this phenomenal trailer tonight, then luckily for you there’s something else to feast your eyes on. A new IMAX poster for the film has been released too, showing a half-bionic Matt Damon with a whole lot of space chaos in the background.

Alright enough from me. Head down and watch the trailer, then check out the new poster, then be sure to head to the comments section to share your thoughts on all this new promotion for Elysium!


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