‘Eye in the Sky’ flies up the Netflix charts

There is an oversupply of modern war films hitting screens these days that tend to dilute the market with exciting action scenes but, more often than not, very little story. So when a film comes along that has something significant to say about the place of war in modern-day society, it’s easy for the film to be overlooked, especially if it prioritizes message over spectacle.

Such is the case with Eye in the Sky, which initially received little attention and made a measly $35 million at the box office. Luckily, streaming has provided the opportunity for this type of film to finally get the recognition it deserves, which is exactly what has happened for Eye in the Sky. The film has soared up the Netflix charts to become the number nine most-watched film, as per FlixPatrol.

The movie follows Colonel Katherine Powell, who is in charge of an operation to eliminate terrorists in Kenya, but when a young girl enters the kill zone, her mission escalates and debates arise around the implications of modern warfare.

The movie stars Helen Mirren, who unsurprisingly does a fantastic job. Mirren previously won an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II in the biopic The Queen and has since starred in other noteworthy projects including RED and The Good Liar. Her talented co-stars in Eye in the Sky include the late Alan Rickman (Harry Potter) and Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad).

This film is sure to make you take a good hard look at yourself and begin questioning your morals, as Eye in the Sky explores the impact of technological advancements used in modern warfare and the consequences that accompany them.