Ezra Miller Looked To Grant Morrison For Inspiration While Filming Justice League


Whether it’s Alex Ross or The Dark Knight Returns, Warner Bros. scoured the four corners of the industry while hammering Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie into shape.

But on a more personal level, Ezra Miller looked to Grant Morrison for inspiration during the film’s lengthy production. While appearing on DC All Access (via ComicBook.com), the actor recalled his early meetings with Morrison, who he considers to be the “high priest” of comic book and graphical novel writers.

Indeed, soon after clinching the role of DC’s Scarlett Speedster, Grant Morrison was on hand to educate Miller on what makes Barry Allen tick, not to mention the constant moral struggle that often defines the character.

Grant Morrison is like the high priest of comic book and graphic novel writers. Grant Morrison is my absolute favorite comic book author and the person who really shows me a way into this mythology and then a way through it into just the beautiful scope of everything. I mean, he goes quite deep. I’ve really been so inspired by his work.

Similar to Aquaman and Cyborg, this is Flash’s first sizeable role in the DC Extended Universe, and Ezra Miller has previously described his costumed crusader as the excitable superfan of Zack Snyder’s ensemble. Overall, though, it seems Justice League will touch upon some of the themes associated with Grant Morrison’s work.

This is certainly a recurring theme for the Flash through the character’s history. The hero complex becomes even more complicated when space-time is malleable to this person’s consciousness. So, it is the idea that you could have done something better, especially when you’ve gone through trauma, and even involved the most minor thing. You stub your toe and wish you could go to the moment before it happened, to when everything was okay and you did not stub your toe. Then of course you come into time travel and it gets tricky because of the butterfly effect. You had to stub your toe for that weather system to happen.

The Scarlett Speedster will soon become one of the founding members of Justice League, and in light of encouraging previews – previews that deemed Barry Allen to be the breakout star of Zack Snyder’s imminent tentpole – the Flashpoint solo movie has been placed on the fast track over at Warner.