Ezra Miller Reportedly Done With The Flash, WB Will Recast The Role


Recently, development on Warner Bros.’ The Flash movie took an unexpected turn. Star Ezra Miller disagreed with the lighter tone directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley want and so decided to provide his own script for the Scarlet Speedster’s solo movie with comic book scribe Grant Morrison. It was reported that if the studio didn’t want to go with his screenplay, though, Miller would be out as Barry Allen.

Well, according to a source close to We Got This Covered, this has come to pass and Miller may now be done as the Flash. It should be said that our source notes they’ve heard some conflicting information on the topic, but we’re told that the general consensus amongst those close to the project is that the Justice League star won’t be playing the lead in The Flash, after all, and Warner Bros. will now recast the role.

As laid out in previous write-ups of the situation, the reason for this is that WB decided not to go with Miller’s storyline as it’s simply not the route they want to take. We’ve been told that they liked his script, but not enough to change course. This makes sense, too, considering WB has found success with lighter fare like Aquaman and Shazam! of late and Miller’s script was said to be a grand, dark multiversal epic in the vein of Flashpoint.

If we have our information straight, this fits with a previous report that said WB was leaning towards recasting the actor. Miller’s contract is known to expire in May, after all, so it’s not like he’ll be fired as such. Likewise, it doesn’t sound like there’s a bitter feud going on here, either, just a conflict of creative interests.

Again, though, this remains unconfirmed for now, but if true, then it seems Miller will soon say goodbye to the Flash and join fellow Leaguers Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill in departing the DCEU.