Ezra Miller Could Exit His Role As The Flash Over Script Clash With Directors


You know how DC fans were crushed when Ben Affleck stepped down from writing, directing and starring in The Batman? Well, one of his Justice League co-stars has apparently decided to pick up where he left off and pen the script for their own origins movie. Yes, Barry Allen himself, Ezra Miller, is reportedly working on his own screenplay for Warner Bros.’ Flash film.

The Hollywood Reporter has the scoop that Miller’s grown tired of the project languishing in development hell and has decided to take on the responsibility himself for bringing the Scarlet Speedster’s first solo adventure to the screen. What’s more, he’s said to have enlisted legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison as his co-scribe on the project. THR writes that Miller’s vision for The Flash is “darker” than what’s previously been planned, though beyond that, we don’t know much about what he’s got in the works.

Apparently, though, Miller’s ideas clash with directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein’s hopes for the film to be something light and fun (see Spider-Man: Homecoming, which they wrote). WB’s said to have made a deal with Miller and Morrison to come up with their own script, but THR suggests that if the studio doesn’t go for their take, creative differences may see the actor stepping away from the role. Much like Affleck did over The Batman.

This would be tragic to see happen, as we only got a brief taste of Miller’s promising portrayal of the Flash in JLWe’d also be fascinated to see what he and Morrison could come up with for the hero. That said, if WB doesn’t choose to move forward with the pair’s script, you can’t blame them. The DC franchise is finally enjoying continued success by going down the path of more fun, light-hearted affairs with the likes of Aquaman and Shazam! Plus, unlike Affleck, Miller isn’t a proven filmmaker, so they may be wary of entrusting an important property to him.

All things considered, THR’s report paints an intriguing, possibly exciting and slightly worrying picture of The Flash for DC fans, but how do you hope this situation develops? Speed on down to the comments section and let us know your thoughts.