Facebook’s Mafia Wars To Become A Film

Like Farmville, Mafia Wars is another incredibly popular Facebook game. Millions of people play it and the majority are addicted to it. I’ve never played it myself but my main feed is always filled with posts from friends who do play it. The game is similar to The Sims franchise but instead deals with the mafia. You earn cash and experience and along the way grow your criminal empire. Now Pajiba reports that the game is being turned into a movie.There really aren’t any other details. No directors, actors, producers or anything. We just know that the game will be turned into a film.  As for plot and what not, although I haven’t played the game, I’m sure the plot will be fairly run of the mill and generic. It will obviously deal with the mafia and I’m sure it won’t be anything we haven’t seen before.

Do you play Mafia Wars? If so, is it any good?