The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Stars Are Dominating Netflix This Week

Anthony Mackie

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is dominating Disney+ on a weekly basis, but it’s far from the only quality work that its actors have featured in. Coincidentally, three such films are now available to stream on Netflix and are all doing quite well on the platform.

The pick of the trio is the genre-bending Synchronic, starring The Falcon himself, Anthony Mackie, as a New Orleans paramedic who discovers a new party drug with mysterious properties. There’s a simple way to describe what the titular pill actually does, but it’s revealed far enough in the film to constitute a spoiler. Like the previous works of writer-directors Jason Benson and Aaron Moorhead, the movie explores the human perspective of cosmic forces that are beyond their ability to comprehend or control, and so must instead learn to navigate them to survive.

The two other pics in question both star Daniel Brühl (who plays Zemo in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier). First is Rush, a biographical drama with Brühl as racing champion Niki Lauda alongside MCU co-alum Chris Hemsworth as his professional rival James Hunt. The film revolves round the clash in personalities of the two, with Lauda portrayed as cold, calculating and relying on precision and tactics, while Hunt is a grandstanding braggart living for the adulation of his fans, and uncaring of the danger that his aggressive driving style puts himself and others in.


The second is The Zookeeper’s Wife, the true story of Antonia and Jan Żabiński, directors of the Warsaw Zoo who during World War II helped hundreds of Polish Jews escape the city’s ghetto by hiding them in the zoo’s cages and tunnels. Brühl plays the principal antagonist, a Nazi scientist whose continued presence threatens to expose their operation, while his unreciprocated lustful advances towards Antonia add to his repulsively vile nature.

Tell us, though, have you caught any of these on Netflix recently? Let us know down below.