The Fall Of The X-Men Is Teased In Latest Logan Black And White Image


Logan is just a few days away from being released, but Fox continues sharing new black and white images from the movie on its mysterious @wponx Instagram account. The latest one, which arrived yesterday, is particularly noteworthy, as it teases the mysterious fate of the X-Men.

We already know that mutantkind is nearing extinction when Logan begins, but it remains to be seen whether or not the movie will reveal what happened to the superhero team following the events of X-Men: Days if Future Past‘s flashforward.

In this latest photo, we see the X-Men comic books which belong to the young x-23. Wolverine has made it clear in various trailers and TV spots that things didn’t pan out the way they claim, though the one we see here referring to the “Death of a Mutant” is particularly noteworthy, as it may be an indication that we’ll at least get a hint about how one of Professor X and Wolverine’s old allies met their maker.

Regardless of what happened to the X-Men, we know Logan will shed some light on the end of Wolverine’s journey. Whether or not that means he’ll die is the biggest question fans have going into the highly anticipated release, but Hugh Jackman has made it clear that he’s ready to move on from the role, so don’t be so certain that the titular hero will come out of the movie alive.


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