Ana de Armas Is Catwoman With Ben Affleck’s Batman In New DC Fan Art


It came as something of a surprise when the news broke that Ben Affleck would be reprising his DCEU role as Batman in the much-troubled movie The Flash, casting speculation over how large and significant a part he will play in it. With few details to go on, fans are now imagining familiar aspects of Caped Crusader stories being added, with some artwork depicting Ana de Armas as Catwoman.

Even in a single image, the art below manages to capture the essential essence of both Catwoman and Batman, with the latter standing stoic and brooding while Selina is positioned as though laying claim to him and daring anyone to challenge her on the matter, in a moment declaring her to be both playful and dangerous. Her posture is similar to that afforded to many female comic book characters, seen from behind while glancing over her shoulder, although the shape of her chest such a pose would typically display is hidden by the position of her arm. However, it does provide ample opportunity to emphasize her prominently protruding rear end that I closely examined for the sake of, um, journalistic integrity.

As for Batman, he’s drawn in a blue tinted suit seen in the Hush arc, which itself would make for a great film (and already has in animated form) should things change and Affleck continue to return as the World’s Greatest Detective.

The piece is the creation of Art Of Time Travel, a digital artist drawing images of DCEU and MCU characters, frequently reworking iconic comic panels with the movie actors in place of the four-color heroes. There are also some distinctly darker efforts like Thanos decapitating Steve Rogers or Venom devouring Spider-Man.

The reasoning for fan casting de Armas as Selina, aside from her having been considered for the role that went to Zoë Kravitz in The Batman, is given as she and Affleck are dating in real life and so should possess great on-screen chemistry. However, one need only remember the abysmal Gigli to realize that might not necessarily be the case, with the notorious flop seeing Affleck and then-partner Jennifer Lopez utterly fail to convince as a romantic couple. See also: Jersey Girl.

Nothing is currently known about what we can expect to see in regards to Batman’s story in The Flash, including whether Catwoman will appear in it, but should another iteration of the slinky thief feature in the DCEU’s increasingly contorted continuity, de Armas certainly looks like she could fit the bill.