New Fan Art Imagines Jon Hamm As Hush In The Batman


Though it may be quite some time before we truly know which character Matt Reeves will place as the primary antagonist in The Batman, recent chatter has pointed toward the Penguin, who wouldn’t be a bad choice at all. Still, many fans are crying out for someone who hasn’t had prior cinematic exposure, with a lot of folks still hoping that Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke will be sticking around.

If you were to ask me whom I’d like to see show up, I’d answer with Hush, one of my top five favorites from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery. I say that not only because he was introduced in the eponymous comic book arc that I love so much, but also because he’s proven to be a great mental and physical foil for the Caped Crusader on various occasions.

To date, Tommy Elliot has unfortunately made few appearances outside of comics, save for a few video games, a cameo in the animated film Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants, and as a youth on the Gotham TV series. Sure, there was supposed to be an animated feature titled The Batman vs. Hush more than a decade ago, but the idea was shot down. That said, it’s high time that Warner Bros. give this devil his due.

Fortunately, at least one other person on planet Earth agrees with me, that being renowned digital artist Boss Logic. And in a recent Instagram post, he shared his vision of Jon Hamm being cast in the role, which you can check out below.

Now, I’m sure that some of you will say this rendition doesn’t look much like the Mad Men star, but it’s somewhat difficult to capture an actor’s likeness when so much of their face is obscured, with this particular case requiring bandages. Even so, the artist uses whatever distinguishing features he can manage.

Come to think of it, if Hush were to appear in The Batman, that’d allow for Reeves to cast someone in a dual role, thus allowing them to play both Bruce Wayne and Tommy Elliot. Don’t forget, the latter surgically altered his face to look like the former in the comics, a creative move also utilized in the Arkham video games that led to Kevin Conroy voicing both characters. So, who knows, maybe it could carry over to the big screen as well?

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