Here’s How Robert Pattinson Could Look As The Next Batman

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The internet is still reeling from the recent news that Robert Pattinson is in negotiations for the title role of Matt Reeves’ The Batman. And if you’re finding it hard to picture the star of Good Time, High Life and Twilight as the next Caped Crusader, then this new pair of images from fan artist Spdrmnkyxxiii just might help you out.

The first of the two pics imagines the actor donning the cape and cowl, meaning that most of his face is obscured. While it goes without saying that just about anyone dressed as Batman will more or less look the part, it must be said that Pattinson at least seems to have the right chin for the role. The Instagram post also includes a second image, which presents Pattinson as the Dark Knight’s alter ego Bruce Wayne. The artwork does a pretty convincing job at selling the star as a billionaire playboy, and given Pattinson’s turn in 2012’s Cosmopolis, the role hardly seems like a stretch.

While the internet has already yielded a spectrum of opinions on the recent news, it’s worth noting that Pattinson isn’t a sure thing for The Batman just yet. Deadline, for example, recently reported that Nicholas Hoult of X-Men and Tolkien fame is also on the shortlist.

Nonetheless, it looks like Pattinson is currently the frontrunner, much to the outrage of certain corners of the internet. Though the performer has spent the last seven years building up his indie cred and working with such renowned directors as David Cronenberg, Claire Denis, and more recently, Christopher Nolan, to some people, it seems that Pattinson is still little more than the guy from Twilight.

Regardless, if all goes as expected, then we’ll find out how Pattinson fares as the next Dark Knight when The Batman hits theaters on June 25th, 2021.