Fan Art Shows Us What Justice League’s Watchtower Could Look Like


Whenever a movie as highly anticipated as Justice League comes along, it’s only understandable that we all ponder which concepts from the comic books will make it into the big screen adaptation. Realistically, it all comes down to what actually works in live action (because not everything does), and how they fit into whatever the studio has planned for a shared universe.

Now, even if you aren’t a devout reader of the comic books, odds are you may have seen the Watchtower at some point. Having been a fixture in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series, this base of operation hovers in geosynchronous orbit, effectively overlooking the Earth. Basically, it lets DC’s premier superhero team know of any incoming alien threats, while also just providing a place for them to hang out.

Naturally, many of us are wondering if this’ll make it into the movie. Even though the flick is somewhat shorter than the ones that preceded it and sees the gang coming together for the first time, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some major fan service at the end, possibly making us all optimistic for a sequel. Plus, you have to admit an eye in the sky of sorts would come in handy in case Darkseid ever decides to pay Earth a visit in the future.

Fortunately, fan artist MessyPandas has given us an idea of what such a thing could look like. In the gallery above, he provides two examples: One with the crew staring out the window with their shadows stretching out behind them, and one with the film’s logo in place of those. Either way, it’s enough to get us geeked.

Justice League opens in theaters on November 17.