Fan Discovers New Continuity Error In Avengers: Infinity War


It’s damn near impossible to find a flaw within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. After all, in 2018 alone, the theatrical run of Black Panther ($1.34 billion) resulted in the first African-American film to earn more than $1 billion, and Avengers: Infinity War ($2.04 billion) became only the fourth ticket booth titan ever to conquer the $2 billion plateau – which, by the way, has pushed the franchise past the $17 billion mark. But I suppose some just cannot resist the opportunity to take the House of Ideas down a peg.

On the heels of the nineteenth MCU entry becoming available on your preferred digital platform, a Redditor – go figure – has uncovered a continuity error in Avengers: Infinity War. Granted, the mistake – which you can check out below – isn’t all that glaring. Still, it is a blunder nonetheless and it’s interesting to see that it slipped by the studio.

In four consecutive shots – juxtaposed for easing viewing – Redditor u/FoorAJ has discovered an oversight which occurred during the editing process. Thanos (Josh Brolin) can be seen here clearly administering a chokehold onto Vision (Paul Bettany) while attempting to remove the Mind Stone. Then, in the next frame, the grip is yet to be applied, only to be inflicted once again. It’s one of those things you don’t notice until someone points it out, but now, you’ll be looking for it every time you watch the movie.

That being said, I highly doubt this slip-up will harm the home video release of Avengers: Infinity War, which is scheduled to take place in less than two weeks’ time. If you haven’t placed your pre-order yet, or just happen to need another copy (maybe for a friend?), be sure to enter our contest for a chance to win the film on Blu-ray. Act fast, though, as the giveaway will end on August 12th!