Justice League Test Audiences Say Ezra Miller’s Flash Is Amazing


Last night, Warner Bros. held an industry event at which they showed some footage from Justice League, accompanied by a speech from DCEU Exec Producer Geoff Johns. The hotly anticipated film is currently going through a series of test screenings, which are heavily embargoed and what details we have are currently unconfirmed, but according to Johns, those who’ve seen the film say that Ezra Miller’s take on the Scarlett Speedster is the best thing in the movie.

Justice League has been through many changes of direction since the beginning of production, with the most major being a general lightening of the tone following the widespread criticism levelled at Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for being too damn miserable. Word was that Zack Snyder was set to make Justice League a tonal sequel, only for Warner Bros. to get cold feet, take a glance across at the generally cheerier MCU, and decide that people don’t want to see another superhero downer movie.

The Flash, being an inherently upbeat sort of character with his stable of ridiculous villains, is precisely the kind of person you’d expect to bring a bit of laughter to the movie. We’ve already seen him in action in the trailers, where his appearance immediately launched a thousand animated gifs.

Warner Bros. are probably breathing a sigh of relief that fans are reacting to well to Miller’s Flash. After all, their post-Justice League centrepiece will be Flashpoint, which reunites much of the cast in order to show some parallel dimension funkiness that, if the comics are anything to go by, will be a seriously weird couple of hours of superhero cinema.

Justice League powers into cinemas on November 17th.

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