Fan Theory Says Hagrid Was A Major Threat To Voldemort

The Harry Potter realm is a frequently explored and ever-changing place for fans of the films and books to exist together and form a community. There are online forums, mobile games, dinner/drink parties, and holiday events for fans of Harry Potter to explore and enjoy.

Another way fans of Harry Potter continue to enjoy the story is by creating theories of their own. Fan theories are popular across several genres, and they provide a space for fans to look back at original works and see what could have been hiding just beneath the surface. What obvious, and less than obvious, things should we have paid attention to that we may have missed? Do the things we assume about our favorite films, TV, and books resonate with others as well?

Threads on social media platforms provide a place to discuss this, and a specific Harry Potter thread highlights the fan theory that Hagrid was a significant threat to Voldemort. The theory states that Hogwarts’ affable caretaker was a threat that must be removed for Tom Riddle’s plan for Voldemort’s rise.

Here’s what other Potter fans are saying.

This fan thinks it has more to do with Hagrid being an easy target than a threat.

This user also believed it was more of an easy target thing, but appreciated the “Riddle-bonus.”

This fan isn’t disagreeing with the points the author made. They believe, however, that it was more or less because he needed someone to place the blame on.

This user liked pondering the idea and was grateful for a different view being brought to their attention.

This fan says no matter what — Hagrid just rules.

This theory may just turn this Potter fan into a Hagrid fan.

What do you think about this fan theory? Do you think Hagrid would have been a threat to Voldemort? Do you just love Hagrid no matter what? Let’s talk about it.