New MCU Theory Says Thor: Love And Thunder Will Feature Three Thors


Now that Christian Bale’s mystery villain role in Thor: Love and Thunder has been revealed to be Gorr the God Butcher, it opens up a wide spectrum of possibilities. In fact, a fan theory has already emerged that says his inclusion suggests the movie will feature three versions of the God of Thunder.

Gorr is a nigh-immortal alien being who became an outcast after renouncing his belief in any higher power following the death of his family, and subsequently vowed to destroy all gods after learning of their existence and realizing they did nothing to aid his dying loved ones. A major comic arc sees him battle a trio of Thors from various stages of the Thunder God’s life – his past as a brash and arrogant Viking warrior, his present where he exists as a hero, and his future as King Thor, where he’s become far more akin to his father in both appearance and personality.

Popular Reddit theorist TheMediocreCritic postulates that the MCU’s time travel and reality warping will kick off a version of this story, pulling our Thor into a distant future where Gorr rules. This will force him to reconcile both his brutal past and bleak future, accept that he has the potential for the violence and bitterness seen in the respective versions of himself, and ultimately grow as a person enough to be able to lead them against their enemy.

As the Redditor explains:

While adventuring through the galaxy with the Guardians of the galaxy, Thor will be pulled out of his timeline and into a distant future. There he will meet the future King Thor version of himself and younger, brasher version. These Three will not get along . In the future almost all the gods are dead or enslaved, Gorr rules with a iron fist. Thor will have to come to terms with his violent warrior past and his bleak future and lead “himselves” against Gorr. This would work well to see how Thor has matured and changed since his days as a viking god and the bitter lonely old man he will become.The three will have to put aside their differences and band together to defeat Gorr.

The theory goes on to suggest that while the younger Thor will naturally still possess Mjolnir, the hammer will abandon him and instead present itself to Jane Foster to allow her to become Mighty Thor and aid Valkyrie in the defense of New Asgard from an attack by Gorr, who aims to wipe out the remaining Asgardians in his ceaseless war against the gods.

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