Watch: Fan Trailer Recuts Freddy Vs. Jason In The Style Of Godzilla Vs. Kong


The trailer for Godzilla vs. Kong has got audiences more than a little excited for the big budget pairing between the two monster monarchs. It’s also inspired creativity in some viewers, with one editor recutting the preview for Freddy vs. Jason in the same style.

Unlike other efforts with a similar concept, there’s no intent to match the shots of the trailers by the events shown, but the slasher crossover is nevertheless previewed in a comparable way to the kaiju punchout by using the same music, mounting the tension by showing each antagonist in vague and unfocused shots before revealing them in their full glory, and demonstrating how insignificant regular humans are when contrasted against them.

The clearest parallel comes from the two titans, be it figurative or literal, facing off against one another being the point at which Chris Classic’s “Here We Go” kicks off, soundtracking the ensuing battle with heavy kinetic energy as each participant takes a severe beating from the other.

Intriguingly, this isn’t the only time recently that the two franchise mashups have drawn comparisons to one another. However, unlike how Godzilla vs. Kong, which will likely feature Mechagodzilla ultimately proving to be the principal Titan antagonist, Freddy vs. Jason had no third party for the two to team up against, and when the eponymous enemies came to physical blows, it formed the movie’s climax.

Freddy vs. Jason isn’t remembered too fondly by fans of either franchise, with both characters served poorly by a script that did neither of them justice, while Godzilla vs. Kong is anticipated with far more enthusiasm. This fan trailer shows that despite the overall quality of a piece of creative work, though, with enough imagination and skill, anything can be made to look far better than it actually is.