Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet Revealed In All Its Glory Thanks To Hot Toys


It’s taken Thanos almost a decade of MCU movies to track down the precious Infinity Stones, and now you’ve got the opportunity to do the same with a lot less hassle. That’s thanks to Hot Toys’ newly announced and intricately detailed replica of Avengers: Infinity War‘s Infinity Gauntlet, which will (probably) give you full control of time and space and also ensure that you will never, ever get laid again.

Hot Toys’ replica is made of durable polystone (polyurethane resin mixed with powdered stone additives that give it a “stone-like” feel) and stands at an impressive 75cm tall (including the Infinity War branded base). It’s also equipped with LED lights allowing the six Infinity Stones to glow enticingly, as if humming with the power cosmic.

Sadly, there’s no confirmation that you can actually wear this as a gauntlet, though if you can, possible uses range from uh, giving really gaudy high-fives to waving it around at a rave. Maybe it could also be adapted for a Hellboy cosplay?

The Infinity Gauntlet seems to be in the upper echelons of collectible stuff, with the promotional pictures making it look all but identical to the one featured in the movie. Given that the MCU has been gradually building to these stones being assembled in the same place at the same time, what better way to mark the (beginning) of the conclusion to the long-running Infinity Stones saga, which has been busily humming away in the background of the MCU for the last ten years?

If you’re a serious collector of this sort of thing, the Infinity Gauntlet looks like it could really tie a Marvel collection together. No word on price or availability yet, but we imagine something this fancy will set you back at least $100 dollars and will no doubt be released in limited qualities. And who knows, in 50 years, maybe it’ll even be worth something if you keep it in good condition?