Fans Are Defending Halle Berry For Infamous Catwoman Film


With The Batman slated to reimagine the Dark Knight’s sometimes-foe, sometimes-friend, sometimes-lover Catwoman as portrayed by Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle, people are remembering one such ill-fated turn for the character, the good-humored Halle Berry.

Berry took to Twitter Monday acknowledging “all the Catwoman love,” but wondered where the fans were “17 years ago,” when the 2004 Catwoman film premiered to a disastrous reception critically and commercially.

As a testament to the lack of diverse superhero films in the early aughts, the commercial failure was still the highest-grossing woman-led superhero film until the release of 2017’s Wonder Woman, surprisingly.

Berry was a great sport about the whole affair, even at the time. She was famously the first person to accept a Razzie award in person for Worst Actress, a parody award given to the year’s worst-reviewed films. She’s also one of only six actors in history to have won both an Oscar and a Razzie.

And that good humor was still present all these years in the recent tweet. Check it out below:

Though it’s often cited as one of the worst films ever made, and directed by the curiously single-named Pitof, the film wasn’t completely devoid of value, as some Twitter users were quick to point out. For instance, Berry did most of the impressive, if somewhat goofy at times, fight choreography herself.

Berry was clearly emotional at people taking to the social media platform to defend her.

And people are also remembering Berry’s triumphantly self-deprecating moment, towing both her Razzie and Oscar in hand when she accepted the award for Worst Actress.

We’ll have to see if The Batman pays tribute to Berry’s Catwoman in some way when it comes to theaters March 4, 2022.