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Fans are fully on board with James Cameron re-releasing ‘Titanic’ yet again

I got everything I need right here. Air in my lungs, a few blank sheets of paper, a new 4K remaster...

Leonardo DiCaprio - Titanic 2
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James Cameron’s Titanic turns 25 this year, and the love story between Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack and Kate Winslet’s Rose remains an incredible watch. The special effects have held up beautifully, the production design is still second-to-none, and it’s been a massive hit whenever it’s come to streaming platforms.

All of which means it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that Titanic is returning to theaters once again in early 2023. The movie has already been re-released with a 3D conversion in 2012 and its 20th anniversary in 2017 saw yet another short run in theaters. Now, just in time for Valentine’s Day, a 4K 3D HDR HFR (James Cameron loves his tech!) remaster of Titanic will steam into multiplexes around the world.

And, judging by the reactions online, it can’t hit that iceberg soon enough:

For many, it’s still one of the greatest theatrical experiences of all time:

This tweet predicts salt from MCU fans when Cameron dominates movie charts next year:

Clearly, the world ‘needs’ Titanic right now:

For this poster, Titanic beats out Terminator 2: Judgment Day, True Lies and Avatar as Cameron’s finest work:

And others are finally getting a chance to see it on the big screen where it belongs:

Perhaps the only small issue here is that this re-release will be in the “high frame-rate” format pioneered by Peter Jackson with The Hobbit. This will convert the movie to 48fps and has the potential to make some in the audience very queasy.

We understand the artistic reasons for going with 48fps, though there’s always a period of acclimatization, as the increased fluidity tends to make sets and costumes look cheap and motion look like a TV soap opera. But, as always, it’s never a good idea to bet against James Cameron, so we’ll just have faith he knows what he’s doing.

Titanic is back in theaters on February 10, 2023.

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