Fans Are Raving About Teasers In The Batman’s New Lego Sets

the batman

The Batman is proving to be a subject that is gaining a lot of traction with fans today with the release of new Lego sets that tie into the upcoming film from director Matt Reeves.

As many Twitter users pointed out, the sets offer the first or more detailed glimpses at presumed elements of the forthcoming movie that we haven’t seen before, such as clearer looks at the Batcave and Batmobile, though those designs may be subject to change when the film eventually hits theaters sometime in 2022.

The film will star Robert Pattinson as Bruce Wayne/Batman, something that may actually be a promising turn for the character given Pattinson’s recent work giving powerfully gothic performances in indie films like The Lighthouse and Good Time. Despite coming into the public consciousness as the sparkling emo vampire Edward in the Twilight films, the actor has truly proven himself as someone with formidable Thespian chops in recent years. And given his introduction to Hollywood as a creature taken after bats, it’s only appropriate that he will now be donning the signature cowl and cape of the Dark Knight himself.

The hype for the film is proving to be formidable as well, especially with more details trickling out with the Lego releases, such as Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman donning a chain whip, a more fully released green costume for Paul Dano’s The Riddler, and the first glimpse at Andy Serkis’s turn as Wayne’s reliable butler, Alfred Pennyworth. Not to mention first looks at Wayne’s mysterious alter-ego, Drifter. Check out some of the reactions from the Twittersphere below:

A closer look at Selina Kyle’s chain whip.

Jeffrey Wright’s Lt. James Gordon features in the new sets, as well as the Batsignal.

A closer look at the totally transformed Colin Ferrell as The Penguin, along with the Batmobile.

We’ll just have to find out collectively how accurate these Lego elements truly were to the film when The Batman gets released in theaters in 2022.